Snapshot Shenanigans (April / May 2019)

Snapshot Shenanigans

[Paprika taking a picture of your snack hoard, drawn by Mouse.]

Paprika is here, to give you that extra you deserve.

The efforts of the Paralogos.. Whether they have paid off, is something that's not immediately known. All the planted seeds require time to grow, all the planted flowers need time to settle. Whether magic was used or not, it will definitely still be awhile before Lingua regains it's natural beauty it once possessed.

One Paralogos seems to disagree. Having spotted another taking photos, the idea came to mind to preserve the natural beauty Lingua already has through photography!

At least, that was the original reason. Unfortunately, it seems our Paralogos friend has devolved their actions into just snapping pics for fun, and it's not all natural beauty. Quite a few pics are just downright silly. Ah well!

This Month's Prompt: Snapshot Shenanigans

SDraw or write about your Paralogos following in our friend's footsteps! Maybe they're taking shots of natural beauty, as was the original intention.
Or maybe they decided to first take a selfie. Or, y'know.. perhaps you could visualize the result of the photos they take.
... it is up to you!