[Comm : Gift] Chibi Commission

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[Comm : Gift] Chibi Commission
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In Mixed Species Art ・ By PromptoBeans
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Deyan: Commissioned
platonicharmonics: Gift For
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Deyan Staff Member

Gosh this turned out SO CUTE!!! Their poses are absolutely perfect -- Ken looks simultaneously delighted and grossed out by Aonghas' gesture of affection skhfkdsjhjfd. Also, their size difference is perfect, and I love how you rendered their different hair/fur textures!! You did a great job conveying that Ken's hair is curly and Aonghas' is straight and shaggy!! AND!!! You made Ken's tie match Aonghas' bell!!! What a precious little detail!!! AAAAA I love this so much, thank yoooou!!! <333

2021-06-04 18:32:21

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