Toffee - Tier 1 Ref [Reupload]

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Toffee - Tier 1 Ref [Reupload]
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In Magic Progression ・ By PromptoBeans

Reupload for the purpose of gaining magic tier 1 for Toffee.
(Shaded full version can be found here.)

Toffee is the more headstrong of the pair, though they too have a sweet side. If you manage to become friends with them, they'll stick to you forever..
Which.. they might take a bit too literal. Be careful of their sticky caramel..

Tier 1: Dark, gooey caramel layer seems to be semi-liquid, causing 'toppings' to sometimes shift.

Submitted By Speedy
Submitted: 6 months agoLast Updated: 6 months ago

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