Gumdrop - Tier 1 Ref [Reupload]

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Gumdrop - Tier 1 Ref [Reupload]
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In Magic Progression ・ By PromptoBeans

Reupload for the purpose of gaining magic tier 1 for Gumdrop.
(Shaded full version can be found here.)

Gumdrop is the "sweeter" of the pair, but they can be quite "spicy". They seem pretty nice, and will be friendly back to you if you are to them..
But they have a devious side to them, and you wouldn't like them if you somehow managed to get them angry..

Tier 1: Soft, powdered sugar dust seems to fall off the Paralogos, disappearing right before it hits something.

Submitted By Speedy for Magic Progression
Submitted: 7 months agoLast Updated: 7 months ago

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