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[Gift] Spotlights
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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

Nuri interpreting for [narrator] because [narrator] doesn't talk much on its own: Thank you again for drawing [narrator], this is an absolute DELIGHT!! [narrator] is absolutely LOVING how you draw eyes, and your shading is gorgeous as always ([narrator] really likes that you shaded in purple)! Also the like... stripey texture situation? is cool as HECK. [narrator] is reminded of how things look when printed out of a printer, which is an aesthetic that makes it feel pleasantly nostalgic. What a lovely gift, thank you again from us both!! <333

2022-06-13 05:30:28

PromptoBeans Avatar

I'm so glad that you like everything! I did use that texture specifically for you guys since I thought it fit Narrator! You are very much welcome X3

2022-06-14 08:29:31

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