PARA-605-Paranormal-Investigator: Zach

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Caretaker Status: Unknown

Affiliated companion(s): none

Level 3 - concrete
Word: Investigator (Paranormal)

Combination word/name for the job, Paranormal: 1905, in reference to observed events or things presumed to operate by natural laws but not conforming to those known or normal, from para- (1) + normal. + Investigator: 1550s, a native agent-noun formation from investigate, or else from Latin investigator "he that searches into," agent noun from past participle stem of investigare "to trace out, search after" (see investigation).

One who investigates paranormal events, most commonly called "ghost hunters", who use a variety of tools such as EMF readers to detect such activity. 

Magic Status: 2 - Novice
Tier 1 - The fin of this Paralogos will light up according to the intensity of electromagnetic field shifts. Green being minimum, and red being really strong.
Tier 2 - This Paralogos can sense "Paranormal Investigators" nearby.

Wisdom Status: 1 - Preschooler
Daily Life

12 August 2021, 14:33:48 EDT

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