PARA-515-Winged-Cat: Fuzzi

Owned by PromptoBeans
Image #806
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Caretaker Status: Bonded to CARE-26

Affiliated companion(s): COM-143-515-1

Level 3 - concrete
Word: Cat (Winged)

Combination word: Winged + Cat.

The winged cat – a feline with wings like a bird, bat or other flying creature – is a theme in artwork and legend going back to prehistory, especially mythological depictions of big cats with eagle wings in Eurasia and North Africa. Belief in domestic cats with wings persists to the present day as an urban legend. Sightings of cats with supposed wings are easily explained by medical conditions that can result in matted hair, loose skin, or supernumerary limbs on or near the shoulders, that flap about in a wing-like manner as the cat runs.

This particular Paralogos centers around the medical explanations for this creature's existence.

Magic Status: 6 - Master
Tier 1 - Has limited control over the little 'wings'.
Tier 2 - Can communicate with cats, both winged and not.
Tier 3 - Can help to heal skin and fur conditions in felines.
Tier 4 - Can manipulate existing winged cat conditions to look more like actual wings, still not functional, but improves appearances.
Tier 5 - Can give the illusory appearance of these wings to a cat without the condition in question.
Tier 6 - Can transform into an actual winged cat.

Wisdom Status: 1 - Preschooler
Younger Days

24 July 2020, 14:02:03 EDT

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Cannot be sold
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