PARA-46-Oak: Q

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Caretaker Status: Rogue

Affiliated companion(s): COM-03-46-1 & COM-04-46-2

Level 2 - concrete
Word: Oak

Old English āc, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch eik and German Eiche.

A tree that bears acorns as fruit, and typically has lobed deciduous leaves.

Magic Status: 6 - Master
Tier 1 - Back and leaves change colors based on the current season.
Tier 2 - Great at finding Oak saplings and able to (re)plant them with ease.
Tier 3 - Able to mend broken trees and heal scarred areas.
Tier 4 - Able to help plants grow or manipulate a plant's growth.
Tier 5 - Able to create small branches that can solidify fully and then turn into soft dirt over a small course of time or disappear.
Tier 6 - Can transform with more oak-like features ex.roots or bark skin.

Wisdom Status: 6 - Omniscient
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20 May 2020, 16:53:57 EDT

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