PARA-386-Bottlenose-Dolphin: Echo

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Affiliated companion(s): none

Level 3 - concrete
Word: Dolphin (Bottlenose)

1630s as a type of nose, 1660s as a type of porpoise, from bottle (n.) + nose (n.). Related: Bottle-nosed (1560s). (Dolphin) Popular name of a diverse group of marine mammals, also including the porpoise (but the true dolphin has a longer and more slender snout), mid-14c., dolfin, from Old French daulphin, from Medieval Latin dolfinus, from Latin delphinus "dolphin," from Greek delphis (genitive delphinos) "dolphin," related to delphys "womb," perhaps via notion of the animal bearing live young, or from its shape. Popularly applied to the dorado from late 16c. through some confusion. The constellation is so called from early 15c.

A stout-bodied dolphin with a distinct short beak, found in tropical and temperate coastal waters.

Magic Status: 2 - Novice
Tier 1 - Is sensitive to cleanliness levels of water.
Tier 2 - Can communicate with Bottlenose Dolphins by using echolocation.

Wisdom Status: 3 - Scholar
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